First light



Before the first light of morning,
when only street lights notice,
a world in waiting

as darkness is bent
towards the light,
shadows go indoors
for fear of being seen.

As one set of blinds open
another closes
like sun shades,
this fierce yet healing light

reach deep into the souls shadows,
terrifying and comforting
the one who is afraid.

And now between worlds
of light and darkness,
a gracious invitation

to be the one you were
from the beginning,
when seen in the first light.
and unashamed.

Andrew Norton
Dec 2013



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One response to “First light

  1. Margaret and Colin Prentice

    Beautiful poem and picture.

    7A Hostel Access Road

    Eastern Beach

    AUCKLAND 2012 NZ

    Ph 09 535 7551

    Mobile 0210 355 435 (Colin)

    0210 257 8547 (Margaret)

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