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If leadership is a tee shirt “I’ve been there and done that” I’ve got it! I’ve read many of the books and I’ve tried to be many different kinds of leader. You might call me a very slow learner but I’ve learnt the only kind of leader I can be is ME.

The problem is most leadership literature is written from an autobiographical perspective announcing the lessons learnt, unfortunately most readers take the bait hook line and sinker and then try to model themselves on someone else. They fail to realise the reason the writer may have been a successful leader is that they spent their time being themselves!

You can do the stuff of leadership but still does not make you a leader. Doing leadership makes you no more a leader than sitting in a hen house makes you a hen! I’ve discovered that we need to move beyond the “function and form” of leadership and embrace the being of leadership.

If you are up to this amazing journey chances are that you’ll need to learn a new language because the language of science and organisational management is far too small to describe the wonder and mystery of being you.

I’ve found some unlikely friends in philosophy, poetry and phenomenology to help me on the path of being leader rather than doing leader.

If you have tried everything else and still haven’t found what you are looking for then welcome to Finding Cadence.

Over time I’ll add insights and look forward to our conversations and learning’s

First offering . . .

Who picks the leader?

The game has been announced

The players assemble

Eyeing one another up

Who will take the lead?

Pick or be picked, that is the question.

Sometimes the leader stands out

Head and shoulders above the others

No choice, it’s obvious

You just know

Sometimes the game picks the leader

Called out, thrust forward

No choice, it’s compelling

The game say’s “you’re it”

Sometimes the team picks the leader

Trusted, respected and believed

No choice, it’s a calling

The team says, “you lead we’ll follow”

Sometimes the coach picks the leader

Sees what others can’t see

No choice, step up and lead

Who me? Yes you!

Sometimes …

© andrew norton


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