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I showed God my plans

I showed God my plans

and God smiled ear to ear,
as if being presented 
with a child’s first poem.

I showed God my plans
and God wept, 
knowing the precious under pressure 
is fragile and easily breaks.

I showed God my plans
and God asked some questions,
wanting to save me from myself 
yet enjoying my imagination.

I showed God my plans 
and God laughed,
knowing that no plan 
ever survives its paper.

I showed God my plans
and we danced 
them off the page 
and into a world in waiting.

And one day,
when I was ready,
I asked for God’s plan.
There were no instructions
but a canvass,
an artist still at work,
a smile of delight,
an imagination 
and a dance.



andrew norton

New Year’s Day 2014





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January 2, 2014 · 7:47 am